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Fiona Paxton Coco Yasuko Necklaces: Native Neon

Fiona Paxton Coco Yasuko Necklaces

I’m in a tribal mood. With beads and braided leather, Fiona Paxton’s statement necklaces are just what I have in mind. The London-based designer has only been around for a few years, but she already has a great portfolio of bulky, boho pieces that are globally inspired (she credits Indian artisanship, the British punk era, and German Bauhaus to name a few things) and have an old world feel. These two jewels play with the design of arrowhead necklaces, modernizing the statement pieces with neon lucite (instead of actual stone arrowheads). I like the way the neon embellishment pops on the traditional style, and Fiona subtly incorporates that vibrancy throughout each necklace, weaving colorful string over the braided leather. The red beads look like delicious cranberries and contrast so well against the brown marble spikes. These necklaces are the perfect complements to spring’s graphic black and whites. They’re available in citrusy lime or orange on ModeWalk for $345 each.



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