Harper’s Bazaar Feature: Bag Snob’s New Year’s Style Resolution

Bag Snob Tina Craig's 2013 Style Resolution on Harper's Bazaar

Check out Tina’s style resolution for 2013 as featured on HarpersBazaar.com:

“I usually do not make resolutions for the new year, but this year I plant to simplify my wardrobe. I have too much of everything! Starting with anything that has not been worn within the last year — off they go to women’s shelters. And I am not going to cave in to high street temptations, 2013 will be one of quality, not quantity.”

What’s your style resolution for 2013? Do tell!

2 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar Feature: Bag Snob’s New Year’s Style Resolution

  1. gorgeous!
    I’d like more quality bags in 2013, you and Kelly have taught me so much. happy new year! X, aspiring bag snob

  2. My resolution is the opposite of Tina’s. I have been in frugal mode for a few years now and this is the year I’d like to buy a few key (and expensive) items. My first purchase would be a structured Marc Jacobs bag that I’ve been eyeing for the last year. :)

    As Tom Haverford and Donna in Parks and Rec would say, “Treat Yo Self.”


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