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Heather Henry Design Spring 2013 Collection: Southern Comfort

Heather Henry Clutches

It’s no coincidence that often times, the best clutches come from jewelry designers. With an eye for detail and finesse to their touch, a woman who knows her jewels tends to have a particularly elegant way with minaudieres. Just look to Southern girl Heather Henry, whose latest foray into evening clutches marks a fabulous feat.

The Arkansas native who now calls Texas home has a sleek and streamlined sense of chic. Inspired by the natural beauty of gemstones and precious metals, she got her start making handmade gifts for friends before applying her craftsmanship to a namesake line. Gleaming metal set off with unapologetically ridged skins, topped with a pyramid closure: this is modern elegance all the way. Looks like not everything is bigger in Texas, after all! Although while the size may be small, Heather’s minaudieres have a big impact. Available for $895.

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7 thoughts on “Heather Henry Design Spring 2013 Collection: Southern Comfort”

  1. Why would bags on a blog like this not have a website? Where one could see more pictures. This isn’t the 80’s where you call someone. Really doesn’t make sense. Also not good for sales.


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