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Jérôme Dreyfuss Billy, Carlos, and Twee Bags: Happy Trails

Jérôme Dreyfuss Billy, Carlos, and Twee Bags

Calling all nomad snobs! Jérôme Dreyfuss always projects something of a freewheeling, live-in-the-moment attitude (no surprise his country house with wife, Isabel Marant, doesn’t even have electricity!), but the latest exude a new level of hippie-glam…and that’s actually a good thing.

Hitting the beaches of Belize or Bali this winter? A bag that’s a little rustic and a lot practical is the thing to take you from the plane to the playa. You can rough these up and they’ll look even better. The expansive Billy ($653) has enough slouch and comfort to work as an easy carryon, and in high-sheen split leather, it almost looks like spun gold. But it’s the tie-dyed Carlos ($860), a versatile duffel for overnights or magazine-laden seashore jaunts, that’s speaking to my inner adventuress at the moment.

Then toss the Mini Twee in indigo denim-effect leather ($540) over your shoulder for casual nights on the town (or sand). Who knew Jerome makes the ideal traveling companion?

All available on Luisa via Roma.

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