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Katy Perry x Louboutin Panettone: Dr. Christian

Katy Perry x Louboutin Panettone

The doctor bag gets a rock star-studded makeover in spring 2013 courtesy of none other than Monsieur Louboutin. The Panettone lends a cool, grungy edge to any schlumpy outfit, like the all-black one Katy Perry wore to the airport (at least she’ll have a pop of color with the signature red interior). It was smart of Christian to keep it small since this much hardware gets to be overwhelming – the heavy metal domed satchel probably wasn’t the best choice to take through security, but I’m sure a famous pop star like KP flies through with ease. A fully studded bag can be tricky – if not done perfectly, it can look pretty cheap, like something from Forever 21. But of course, Louboutin hit the nail (or rather, the stud) on the head. This is possibly my favorite bag from the brand this season! At Neiman Marcus for $2,195.



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