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Kourtney Kardashian Out and About in Valentino Ruffled Over the Knee Boots

Kourtney went to see Monsters Inc 3D over the holiday with her adorable son Mason in some equally adorable Valentino ruffled boots. Well, maybe not equally because Mason is abnormally cute, but nonetheless, these boots are fantastic. The ruffles add a touch of femininity to these otherwise edgy-rough and tumble boots, making them a shade softer. These are a great alternative for those wanting tall boots that are ladylike, but don’t want to bother with a high heel.

Valentino_Ruffle_Top_Motorcycle_bootPaired with black jeans and a bomber leather jacket like Kourt, these ruffled riders look chic and trendy, yet with a sweet twist. Plus, I bet they would make me feel like my legs were skinnier. Boots with larger shafts always seem to do that for me. Bonus! Neiman Marcus for $627.



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