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Let’s Hear It for the Boys

Let's Hear It for the Boys

The boys are giving fashion girls a serious run for their Armani! During the menswear shows at Milan Fashion Week, it was men’s street styles that caught my attention. And not of the ridiculous tranny-clown variety, either. These guys showed that you don’t have to borrow mom’s dresses and high heels to make a splash on the scene. The styles ranged from casual to Don Draper dapper to oh la la flamboyant! A quirky little moustache pin, a bright scarf, leather gloves tucked just so… with men, less translates to more. Here are my favorite looks from the week (including mi amore Riccardo Pozzoli- upper left top)!

Let's Hear It for the Boys

All images: WWD

One thought on “Let’s Hear It for the Boys

  1. Love the little tash pin! So cute and quirky.

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