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Linda Farrow Wraparound Hand Glasses: Hands Down, Please

Linda Farrow Wraparound Hand Glasses

These are glasses in case you couldn’t tell (no one would blame you). Linda Farrow and Jeremy Scott definitely know how to push boundaries, but I think this effort has fallen off the cliff. This is what a tot looks like when she sees something that scares her, and frankly, I’m reacting to these in the same way. Other than as a gag, who would wear these in all seriousness? Kanye West probably (yes, I know they’re women’s glasses – he wears skirts, doesn’t he?). To boot, they offer no UV protection. I wouldn’t spend this kind of money on normal sunglasses without UV shielding, let alone this mess. In fact, they don’t have frames at all, so they’re not regular glasses either. I understand that fashion isn’t always functional, but when that’s the case, it should at least be nice to look at. These are gross, just plain gross. At Browns Fashion for $250.23.



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