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Fight Dry Skin with Mario Badescu

Mario Badescu Hydro Emollient Cream
I love Mario Badescu. They may not have the swankiest packaging, but when you’ve got skincare issues – say a breakout that just won’t go away or exceptionally dry skin – they’ve always got the right product. Plus I much, much rather a company invest in good quality ingredients than advertising or flashy containers. Badescu is a Hollywood favorite (everyone from Martha Stewart to Jennifer Aniston and countless models), and they’ve got a huge spa here in NYC (30-plus treatment rooms!). I’m not big on facials because of my hyper sensitive (and pale!) skin so I’ve never been, but they’re known for amazing facials and affordable prices. So too are their products – amazing and surprsingly affordable. The brand’s Hydro Emollient Cream ($18), was nicknamed the “In-Flight Cream” because of its popularity with flight attendants. Similar to the Dermalogica cream I mentioned yesterday, this is a fantastic buy for in-flight and looking for something that your skin can easily and quickly absorb or if you live on the East Coast/in a dry climate. Another great find is their Walnut Body Lotion ($10) because it’s super hydrating without being thick.

After trying so many of their products and seeing the stellar results I’m thinking I should go out of my comfort zone and try one of their facials…or maybe an oxygen treatment? Or an herbal seaweed treatment…they all sound tempting! Has anyone been?


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  1. I luv Mario!!!! The buttermilk moisturizer totally rocks & pretty much heals my dry skin overnight. Also luv the control cream & healing cream. I’ll have to check out the walnut body lotion sometime.