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NARSskin Travel Sets: Straighten Up and Fly Right

NARSskin Travel Sets

Have some exciting travel plans for 2013? The new NARS skincare line has us all packed and ready! These sets are perfect for my many upcoming trips – all of our favorite necessities in FDA-approved sizing, which means I can use this during the long, dry flight. I’m obsessed with the luminous moisture cream and use it often (the skin on your face is so thin, I like to make sure it’s given lots of love), so I’ll be picking up the luminous moisture set, but there’s a luminous aqua one for those of you who prefer lightweight skincare (definitely nice if you’re going somewhere humid!). They recommend the moisture-rich for people with normal/dry skin and the aqua for those with oily/combination skin, but I think it ultimately comes down to your personal preference rather than your skin type. Always go with what feels right. Each set comes in a sleek white NARS pouch, and includes an eye cream, a brightening concentrate, a toner, a cleanser, and a cream – all that’s missing is the sink and some water! The luminous moisture and luminous aqua sets are at NARS for $140 each.



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