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Natura Bisse Diamond White Rich Cleanse: Pallid Cleanser

Natura Bisse Diamond White Rich Luxury Cleanse

When I landed in Hong Kong earlier this week with my friend China Chow (we were in town for the opening of the city’s first Nancy Gonzalez boutique), she commented, “You know we have to be apparition white when we appear at the event.” I told her, “Yes, we need a self-paler!” Watch the Model Mania Google+ hangout here to get Louis Donegan’s joke about how she doesn’t use self-tanners. Why should we be pale there? Because the Chinese have a serious obsession with super pale white skin. In fact, there’s a Chinese adage that says, “you can be 10 times uglier than the next girl, but if you are paler, you’re considered more beautiful” (dumbest saying ever – to each his own beauty!). Luckily, I had brought along my Natura Bisse Diamond White Rich Cleanse. The micro-emulsion cleanser lifts dirt and debris, and whitens you skin. It’ll even remove waterproof makeup, normally the cause of hard fought battles ending in the sacrifice of lashes. I love how creamy the product is. My skin is so dry after flying for 17 hours and most cleansers strip it even more, but luxurious Natura Bisse actually softens and fortifies, even leaving a light lavender scent (relaxing aromatherapy after a long day like today). Don’t believe me about the Chinese obsession with being white? Check out the country’s most popular actress/singer/model/fashion show regular – Fan Bing Bing. Ghostly white! At Neiman Marcus for $135.



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