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Newton Running Shoes: The Three Laws of Motion

Newton Running Shoes

Barefoot running is the natural way to run, but obviously there are dangers like rocks, asphalt, broken glass, etc. that keep us from actually jogging barefoot. Our feet also need some support when it comes to running to make sure we don’t get injured or ruin our arches. To get the best of both worlds, nothing is better than Newton sneakers. These aren’t like those hideous swap creature ones with the toes. You can actually walk around in these without looking like a freak. In fact, a huge factor for me buying these was the way they look (never the case with running shoes). Their vibrant colors and slender profile are great for city walking. It’s recommended that you start off hiking around in these to get used to them since some of the styles like the white Isaac ($149) and the blue Gravity ($140) don’t have a flat sole. The balls of the shoes protrude so that you land on them. If you don’t want to make the leap to these, the purple Terra Momentum ($149) has a regular sole. I really recommend the change, though – it just requires a little getting used to.

When you start running, ease in to it. Do 10-15 minute runs for a week, and then increase the time. I’ve had mine for a week, and started off wearing them for walks, shopping with kids, etc. I did my first run today, and they made a huge difference. Since you land on the balls of your feet first, there’s reduced friction and overall impact, as well as a decreased chance of injury. It does use slightly different muscles, but this is natural. These also make for a much more efficient run. It’s all cardio, and since there are no pressure points, my feet didn’t hurt and I didn’t have to take breaks or stop. Most importantly, my toes were free to spread out, which is important for running – you should never run with shoes that scrunch up your toes. I was actually able to get a better workout. I ran twice as long as I normally do without feeling tired, and my body was more productive. Sure my heart was beating, but that’s what you want. It was the perfect workout! I highly recommend these for running and exercise of any kind. The technology behind this brand is based on the human anatomy, and like I said, it doesn’t hurt that they’re also pretty snazzy looking. Available on Zappos.



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  1. I live in my sneakers, tennis shoes, etc.,etc. I am not a runner but I absolutely, without a doubt, love these sneakers or running shoes because the colors would surely get attention and especially the make of the “running” shoe. They are a little pricey but Newton is definitely my new find! Thanks Newton! If you ever need an older “model” let me know? I would be glad to “ablige” you! Have a wonderful and safe day!