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Niven Morgan Blue Body Lotion: The Smell of the Sea

Niven Morgan Blue Body Lotion

I normally try to find fragrance-free lotions that won’t interact with my perfume, but I love the smell of Niven Morgan’s Blue body lotion ($28) so much that I actually wear it for the scent. I wish they had a perfume or room spray (let’s hope someone in their development department reads this post!), but I got the candle ($30), which is just as good. With the ribbon-trimmed box, it makes for a great hostess gift! The scent is just what you imagine the ocean would smell like if it didn’t have fish and seaweed in it (there actually is algae in this product, but you’d never be able to tell). It’s really bergamot (what they use to make Earl Grey tea) and amber. The combination is so calming and relaxing with warm tones of tropical wood and spicy citrus that it’s almost masculine. In fact, it’s much more stimulating than the average male cologne – if a guy approached me and smelled like this, my husband would be in serious trouble. With ingredients like organic aloe vera and rich shea butter, the hand cream ($28 for regular, $15 for travel size) is soothing, long lasting, and even has anti-aging benefits. I’m in love with all Niven Morgan products, though, not just the Blue line. The Jean Baptiste 1717 is nice but very masculine and musky, so most of the time I like to stick with feeling a little Blue. Available at Neiman Marcus.



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  1. Kelly, I do product development for Niven Morgan and we are beyond excited about your post! Good news…we do have perfume and home fragrance in the BLUE line! Niven would love to send you a bottle so please email me your contact information and we will get it to you ASAP. Thank you so much and we are so happy you love BLUE!

    Niven Morgan