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Olympia Le-Tan Le Embroidered Clutches: Book Smart

Olympia Le-Tan Book Clutches

Is it possible that Olympia Le-Tan’s tongue-in-cheek literary clutches can rise beyond the trend zone and into the realm of a modern-day classic? It’s not likely, but their appeal is still not going anywhere soon. Most of her ultra-unique bags sell out in seconds flat. The key to their potency: that hand-stitched touch. More of an object for intellectual (or faux bookworm) snobs to treasure for years than a bag to use time and again. Lined with floral-print fabric, I might be more tempted to store jewels in there rather than actually carry it.

The newest additions to her shelf: Rouge Et Le Noir and The Uncertain Trumpet, a pair of literary classics for the ages. Perhaps a classic read can make for a timeless clutch. What’s your take on her embroidered (and expensive) novels? Rouge Et Le Noir, on Net-a-Porter for $1,880, and Uncertain Trumpet, $1,692, available for pre-order on Luisa via Roma (expect delivery by April 30th).

Alternatively, girls who embrace quirky-retro flair should be all over Olympia’s swimsuits. Just don’t embrace the waves! A knotted number like this is strictly for show. Think pool parties and high heels. On Luisa via Roma for $494.



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  1. I love these book clutches. I love Kate Spade’s version because I’m a big Jane Austen fan and she has Pride & Prejudice, Emma, etc.