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Roksanda Ilincic Pre-Fall 2013 Collection: Let’s Hug It Out

Roksanda Illicic Pre-Fall 2013 Bags

You might not have known Roksanda Illincic is a great lover of volume from the look of her lean, prim Pre-Fall 2013 dresses, but when it comes to her clutches, that’s another story. There is lots of puff to counter the conservative-turned-quirky dresses’ lean pleats (not to mention those origami-angled berets).

For Roksanda, it’s a mad, plaid world this season. She unveiled gigantic coin purses (supposedly) intended to be carried as clutches…except they are kinda hard to “clutch.” You have to really hug them with both arms. On the flipside, a bag that begs for a hug has its benefits: when you’re tired, it doubles as a pillow, so make sure to fill it with soft items. Sure, these cartoonish accessories are a sign of the times: we had gone back to small clutches as of late, so we are likely heading back into oversized territory. Although, this is a bit excessively oversized, don’t you think?



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