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Sara Bencini Jewels: Death Becomes Her

Sara Bencini Jewels

A couple of nights ago I went to an art gallery in Florence for my friend photographer Mustafa Sabbagh and discovered an incredible jeweler – Sara Bencini. Their collaborative exhibition was all about exploring the dark recesses of the unconscious, and did they ever succeed! This dreamy/nightmarish headdress is completely out of this world. It’s not everyday you find a jewel with a skull on it. The headband is part crown, but also seems a little influenced by the Italian plague masks you see in theater. This isn’t the kind of headband you’d wear to brunch, but it’s art, not just a jewel! The pieces were made of organic materials like horns and relics fused into Baroque styles. Surrounding these were some of Sara’s more everyday fare like her gorgeous statement rings (that have been featured in Italian Marie Claire). All were placed on piles of stones, dangling from chandeliers, and even buried in a casket to create an eerie, gothic aesthetic for the installation. Of course, even with the darkness hanging around the room, I had a little fun playing with the jewels ☺ E-mail Sara for one of her special pieces.

Sara Bencini Jewels

Sara Bencini Jewels

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