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Sisley-Paris Perfect Pore Minimizer: Rewind and Refine

Sisley-Paris Perfect Pore Minimizer

As my age increases, so do the size of my pores. Why?! Blame pesky hormones, I guess. I’m spending more money than ever on preventive products because I know that enlarged pores invite dirt and inevitably, adult cyst acne! This prospect is terrifying, so I try to keep my pores pristine. No matter how tired or tipsy, I wash my face every single night before bed (the best skincare advice, period). I also use Sisley Perfect Pore Minimizer. You should apply it underneath your moisturizer at least once a day, but twice is better. The concentrate refines pores and smoothes over them, so it works both preventatively and immediately. When I buy this, I also ask for a dozen samples that I can travel with (when you’re spending 200 bucks on a product, you can ask for as many samples as you want!). It works well without drying my skin, which I’ve found cheaper products do. Aging is tricky – the upper dermis layer is oily but the lower layers lack the hydration they need to keep cells plump. Yes, this is expensive, but try it if all else has failed for you. You get what you pay for, and Sisley is an excellent brand. At Neiman Marcus for $210.



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