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Thakoon Cutout Pump: There’s No Place Like Home

Thakoon Cutout Pump

…Or like being in a pair of ruby red Dorothy slippers! With the movie Oz coming out in just a few short months, the timing for these shimmering shoes could not be better. Of course, a designer like Thakoon couldn’t get too traditional, so the pumps come in metallic, croc-stamped leather. Even the sculpted heel is just a little out of the ordinary, thinning towards the bottom only to thicken at the base. These are the perfect blend of sweet structure and smolderingly sensuality. Thakoon knew exactly where to stop short of extremes. The luster is so bright and inviting – these would be perfect for a night of swing dancing thanks to their ‘50s flair and snug ankle strap. Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Barneys and pick up a pair! At Barneys New York for $625.

Pair with: A little mix of Oz and Wonderland sounds delightfully curious. Pair the sparkly red slippers with one of Lydia Courteille’s sparkly gems for a touch or two of whimsy.



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