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Yes To Grapefruit: No Reservations


The popular Yes To skincare brand has expanded its carrot, cucumber, tomato, and blueberry lineup, now selling grapefruit-scented products (it was about time we got some fruitier aromas!). They have everything you need from the start to the finish of your facial skincare routine, starting with a daily scrub ($8.49) – it exfoliates well but isn’t so harsh that you can only use it a couple of times a week. My favorite parts of the natural line are the towelettes ($5.09), though. These vitamin C-packed wipes are refreshing and clear off every last drop of makeup and dirt without leaving you red or irritated. Unfortunately, the new grapefruit ones don’t come in a travel-sized pack yet like the some of the other scents (nothing more invigorating to have when you’re running around all day), but it’s probably only a matter of time! Until then, grab the cucumber 10-pack ($2.99) – it’ll remind you of relaxing at the spa. And once you’re done cleansing, protect your skin with the SPF 15 moisturizer ($13.59). It’s made with Moringa oil, which is a bit of a miracle ingredient, treating acne, improving dark spots, and of course, working to prevent aging. Full line available at Ulta.

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