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Z Zegna Fall 2013 Collection: It’s A Man’s World

Paul Surridge, Creative Director of Z Zegna, is a true pioneer of modern menswear. In case you don’t know, he assisted Neil Barrett at Prada during that pivotal moment in the ‘90s, in creating Prada’s first-ever menswear line. Needless to say, they went on to revolutionize the industry.

Paul, a.k.a. the “Modern Gentleman” (nicknamed by the Fashion Times, no less), took over Z Zegna in 2011, and he’s already made another immense mark on the menswear world. Interested in innovations in fabrics, from heat-sealed garments to micro-fabrics, Paul has a modern take that’s in tune with our digitally-minded world. But he also remains as classic as they come. Fall 2013 welcomes masculine wools, a rich and shadowy color palette, and timeless patterns (think hearty stripes and argyle diamonds). It’s the perfect foundation for Z Zegna’s scaled-down man-bag silhouettes; in the form of crossbodys, fanny packs (or belt bags, if you prefer), and backpacks. Beyond the basic briefcase– these will appeal to the artsy-meets-outdoorsy nomad who slips from the boardroom to the bar to the nightclub in the blink of an eye. With more excitement-inducing innovation than ever each season, the collection validates this fact: the idea of an evergreen wardrobe for men is old-fashioned.

To be quite honest, I’ve never been very interested in menswear until I heard it from Pauls’ point of view on our Google + Hang out yesterday. Our on air interview was a mere 24 hours before the show, yet the man was cool as a cucumber. His parents were in town from London: he was going to cook them dinner, have a bath, trim his nails, and get to bed early. Modern Gentleman indeed!

Watch our Hangout here— I know you will become enchanted not only with Paul but with his intelligent and thoughtful approach to design.

The “boys” of the Z Zegna show. Not interested in an army of look alikes, Paul chose faces and energies that would perfectly tell the story of each outfit.

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