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Alkemie Starfish Cuff: Lost at Sea

Alkemie Starfish Cuff

There’s something about sea creatures that we love to immortalize in jewels. I guess because they’re so foreign to us. It’s not like you get to see starfish (or sea stars, as they’re also called) everyday. And in spite of their pretty appearance, starfish are actually insanely badass – they’re protected by armor, don’t have blood, and can regenerate lost arms (it takes about a year, but still!). So what better to arm your arm with than the silent warrior of the sea? All of Alkemie’s bronze jewels are inspired by things in nature – thorn earrings, a manta ray necklace, and a cobra ring are just a few examples of the husband and wife design duo’s creations. Each piece is handmade in L.A. from 100% reclaimed metals, and 5% of the retail sales go to charity. So when you wrap yourself in this spiky sea creature, let your social conscience and style consciousness rest easy. On Farfetch for $225.



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