Balenciaga Spine Sandals: Every Rose has Its Thorn…

Balenciaga Spine Sandals

And so apparently do Balenciaga sandals! These shoes are exactly the kind of fierce footwear I want to be wearing during Fashion Week. Their prickly design will have even the born and bred New Yorkers running off to the sidelines in fear and loathing. Unfortunately, these won’t ship until April, so I’ll have to find other options. But if the stars had aligned, I would’ve gone for the flats ($625). The teal doesn’t have the tenacity of the seductive black heels ($795), but when you’re running up and down the island of Manhattan, something’s gotta give and that shouldn’t be your ankles. Pre-order at Barneys New York.

Pair with: To play with your don’t-mess-with-me, bad girl side a little more, pair the sandals with Finn’s black heart and arrow earrings.

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