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Best Rope Jewels: Tied Down

Best Rope Jewels

I started out looking for jewels made with woven cords – the casual kind you can wear tons of on your wrist when you’re feeling a little boho. But I quickly learned the ropes about rope jewels, and I’ll tell you what – they’re better in gold (isn’t everything?). So most of these weren’t really made with rope in the traditional sense. They’ve gotten the Midas touch!

Miansai Gold Karoo Bracelet: Designer Michael Saiger likes to create youthful pieces with an ageless feel. Here he took a bungee-esque black and white-speckled rope and added gold-tone chain links to give the bracelet a dash of sophistication. At Barneys New York for $175.

Cathy Waterman Gold Twisted Rope Celtic Band: In Irish history, one courtship ritual consisted of a man and a woman twisting a rope together from hay and grass. But as I said above, everything is better in gold! At Barneys New York for $3,240.

Olivia Collings Antique Jewelry Turquoise Serpent Necklace: A snake eating its own tail is an ancient symbol (called the Ouroboros) for re-creation. Basically, this guy is the phoenix of serpents.
At Barneys New York for $32,015.

Aurélie Bidermann Rope Hoop Earrings: Every girl has a pair of basic hoop earrings, so why not break the mold and be a twisted sister? At Saks Fifth Avenue for $285.

Orly Genger Metal & Braided Rope Necklace: Orly Genger is an NYC-based artist who creates sculptures and installations using climbing rope. But here her rope has been cut down to size! At Saks Fifth Avenue for $215.



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