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Brunello Cucinelli Straw Hat: Sun, Sand, and Sequins

Brunello Cucinelli Embroidered Straw Hat

When you picture a straw hat, I bet this is not the image that comes to mind. The king of cashmere, Brunello Cucinelli, seems to be as equally skilled as a milliner as he is as a producer of luxury Italian knits. This topper exceeds even the greatest of expectations. I love this hat so much that I would build an entire wardrobe around it so that I could wear it everyday. It has a simple straw base, but is embroidered with lace and sequins, and banded to perfection with a brown leather strap. The colors remind you of a warm, sandy beach on the East Coast, but the glamour goes way beyond the seashore. The style is a mix of classic structure and feminine detailing, so it appeals to all of my Snob senses. I’m an avid hat fan because they’re so easy and can dress up any summer look in just one second flat, making you look chic no matter how comfortably dressed you are. That’s the best kind of accessory – one that can transform you with little to no effort! Available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $825.



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