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BryanBoy for Adrienne Landau: Making Fur Fly

BryanBoy for Adrienne Landau

One of my dearest friends, the fabulous BryanBoy, is launching a fur accessories line with Adrienne Landau. What else?! Ever since I’ve known him, he’s been obsessed with two things: fur and diamonds. So it couldn’t be more appropriate that this collab consists of brightly colored unisex fur accessories. Adrienne first realized the partnership potential when Bryan would come into the showroom to borrow pieces. It’s a match made in fashion heaven, really! Sadly, I didn’t make it to NYC in time to celebrate with him, but I sent our NYC-based team to get a first look. Accommodating Snobs in every price range, the rex rabbit, fox, raccoon, and mink pieces (ranging from $35 to $600) are attainable luxuries. Bryan’s goal was to make the line accessible, so that everyone (girls and boys) could have some fun fur in their lives. There are classic black hats and scarves, as well as more whimsical pieces like camera straps and bow ties in shades spanning the entire rainbow spectrum. Bryan told us that he doesn’t want to be street styling when he’s 55, so he’s excited to see where this goes. He’s one of the funniest people I know, not to mention one of the most warm-hearted! I’m so proud and excited for his first designer collab – it surely won’t be his last. Next season you’ll see me wrapped in BryanBoy! To be available on and Something about his next collab – Bryan Boy x Graff diamonds?! I’m putting it out there for my gurl.

BryanBoy for Adrienne Landau

BryanBoy for Adrienne Landau

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