Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Polish: No-Blow-Dry Blow Dry

Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Polish: No-Blow-Dry Blow Dry

Yes, you can use Bumble and Bumble’s Color Minded polish as a heat protectant when styling, but I have a better use for it. While your hair is air drying, slick a little of this serum on the ends. Then pull down on them to make the hair really silky and sleek. It’s like the no-blow-dry blow dry! For mornings when you’re in a rush or just not up for a marathon of beauty prep, this is a great timesaver. I’ve tried a lot of polishes that are so heavy they make hair look lifeless, but unless you really go overboard, this won’t do that. If you have fine hair use it sparingly just in case, but I haven’t had trouble yet. And if you live in a humid climate (like Dallas!), it will help keep everything under control and looking, well, polished. The serum even has UV protection, so your hair will stay healthy and its color will last through your next salon appointment. Available at Sephora for $28.

2 thoughts on “Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Polish: No-Blow-Dry Blow Dry

  1. I love ALMOST everything Bumble & Bumble, especially their surf spray which is pretty much perfection.

    The only item I feel they’ve fallen short on is their dry shampoo.

    I will definitely be checking out this polish though!

  2. Andrea Marcus on said:

    I would absolutely love to try the B&B hair polish without doubt! Sounds perfect for almost any type of hair! :)

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