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Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle: Fashion and Function

Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle

Cynthia Rowley is doing it right. She’s always taking fashion in interesting places – first designing stylish Band Aids and now inventing the flask bangle (wouldn’t you love to know how the idea even occurred to her??). You’ll never have to edge your way into a crowded bar again and you’ll make so many new friends! A discreet and far more portable way to get your drink on than the average flask. Jokes aside, I’m not sure I would actually put booze in my bangle, but I appreciate the ingenuity. Stack this chunky gold bracelet with others for a layered look (and to remind more conservative admirers that you are not in fact an alcoholic). This tongue-in-cheek design is definitely encouraging some troublemaking, but hey, if you’re not really a drinker, pour in some water and take a hike. Pre-order at Cynthia Rowley for $225.



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