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Fashion Week Fixation: The Bowl Cut

Fashion Week Fixation

I have a secret to share with you. Starting in the 8th grade when I convinced my then 7th grade cousin to let me cut her hair, I’ve always dreamed of being a hairdresser. I just couldn’t get her cut even, though, and kept trimming and trimming until her bangs formed a round ring above her forehead – I had accidentally given her the dreaded Asian bowl cut. She cried for days and even now tells me she hasn’t gotten over the trauma of that haircut. But it turns out I was just ahead of the times – the look was very on trend for Fall 2013! We saw bowl cut bangs most recently on the Mary Katrantzou runway in London. The style (created for the show by Wella Professionals) was edgy in the most literal way possible – an intriguing mix of boyish bangs and a feminine ponytail that was somewhat abstract, just like the silhouettes floating down the runway. Earlier in NYC, models at Betsey Johnson’s show were snapped with the blunt cut, too. Classic Betsey, though, it came in about every color of the rainbow. So while this shaggy look is clearly more stylized than wearable, a trend is a trend and I’m sending my cousin these photos right now! Are you ready to be bowled over on the runway or is this a slob style?

Fashion Week Fixation



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