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Get the Look: Long Bangs

Taylor Swift

From Taylor Swift to Britney Spears to Michelle Obama – long bangs are clearly having a moment. The key with this look is to make sure they don’t overwhelm your face. A good rule of thumb when going for a long bang look is to leave the heaviest pieces on the sides so they don’t cover your eyes and remember to keep the center bangs feathery so that your forehead isn’t completely covered. As for the rest of your hair blow dry it using a round brush before switching over to a paddle one and then smooth it out with a flat iron if you’re not looking for a soft curl like Swift. Bangs should be dried using a round brush as well and then finished with a texturizing spray to had some height/feathery-ness.

I’m tempted to go for the long bang look myself because I’ve been itching for bangs for awhile and with this look if they don’t look stellar it won’t be too long before they grow out. Are you a fan of long bangs?

Image: Zimbio


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  1. I have started to notice the long bangs becoming popular. While on some people I think it looks good, overall I have realized that I am not a fan of this trend. For Michelle Obama, I think the bangs looked great on her! They added a little bit of extra spunk to her and really showed that her hair can be versatile and still look great. However, on young women such as Taylor Swift I do not like the bangs. I believe she is too young to have them and they make her like far too old. Personally, I believe that you have most of your adult life to pull of this hairstyle so when your young you should go for something totally different! Overall, this hairstyle I believe looks better on the more sophisticated and older women.