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Jessica Simpson Totes YSL Cabas in Cali

Jessica_Simpson_YSL_ToteJessica Simpson was spotted in Cali recently carrying a new baby bump and the Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc Tote Bag. This bag is perfect for busy moms like Jess, as it has plenty of room, soft leather and plenty of structure and pockets to keep all your odds and ends in place. Though I’m a huge fan of hands-free cross-body bags, this tote still gets my vote because of its functionality and subtle, chic look. This is one of those bags that you can keep your iPad and work papers in, yet still stuff your kid’s cheerios and drool rags in. Moms need bags like this that are still super chic- but useful for their busy lives. Now, pump-bags, that’s a different story. I’m shocked I haven’t seen better looking ones with all the moms I know. The poor things have to tote what looks like a 1980’s computer around in a black boxy pleather bag, and that’s apparently the “Cadillac” of pump bags….yikes. Pick up Jessica’s tote at Neiman Marcus for $2450.


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  1. Totally agree on this lovely write up Emma. YSL makes some great sizes that can be converted into baby bags… I started my bag line myself when my Daughter Anna was born, not a fan of multi compartment bags that cannot be washed there is not really a lot out there …