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L.A. Christine No. 3 Berry Face Oil: Take It Slow

L.A. Christine No. 3 Berry Face Oil

You know I love a good oil, so of course I couldn’t pass up trying one that was sent to me. L.A. Christine’s No. 3 berry face oil is a blend of unique super berries, including Scandinavian Lingonberry, Brazilian Acai Berry, and Raspberry, that has been used for hundred and hundreds of years. They’re known to be powerful antioxidants that help with wrinkles and anti-aging efforts, including improving skin’s elasticity and smoothness (so makeup goes on easier). The product even claims to improve the appearance of scars, but I can’t speak to that. Unlike creams that don’t penetrate, though, these oils are formulated to absorb deep into your skin, so you get all of the benefits. I brought this with me to NYC over Fashion Week – nothing depletes the body like an entire week of sleep deprivation. The bottle is small enough to go in your carry-on, so I brought it that way to use when we were in the air.

The oil works on all skin types (and for combination skin, helps balance out your drier and oilier areas), managing to hydrate without leaving an oily residue. It penetrates really well, but like all oil, it does build up on the skin. And maybe I was a little too aggressive with the amount I used trying to overcompensate during the hectic week. When using oil, you have to be sure to clean your skin properly each night, and well, with late nights and exhaustion, I didn’t do the deep cleaning I usually do at home. So after a week of generous use and a lazy nighttime routine, my pores became clogged, and I had a breakout on my chin. I’m in the process of clearing that situation out, and once I do, I’ll only use the instructed few drops. I should have jut heeded my own advice – always clean your face before going to bed! Available on Amazon for $58.



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