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La Prairie Cellular Mineral Body Exfoliator

People will often rummage through my beauty products and ask me which ones are worth splurging on. One of the brands singled out most often is La Prairie. Are their products worth the money? The answer is – if you can afford it – yes. Trust me I know $125 is a lot for a body exfoliator, but it can not only be a miracle worker for sore muscles, it becomes an increasingly important product as we age. The average person generates a new layer of skin every two to four weeks. At the end of the cycle the dead cells on the surface shed naturally. As we age, however, this process happens in an increasingly less uniform way. An exfoliator allows us to remove the dead skin cells before they clog pores. What sets La Prairie’s Cellular Mineral Body Exfoliator apart however is that it has an amazing powdery smell – much stronger than any high-end exfoliator I’ve tried in the past – and even though the texture is coarse, it’s not harsh. Most impressively however is that it’s incredibly moisturizing (it’s formulated with rose hips and camelia oil), so moisturizing in fact that every time I massage this on my body my hands end up baby smooth!

Aside from moisturizing oils, the exfoliator also has pure diamond, amethyst powder, and smithsonite extract in its formulations, all of which are rich in minerals and contribute to this product’s amazing texture. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend…


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  1. Wow, 125 $ is really a lot, but a good price still for such a excellent body exfoliator from La Prairie. However, I assume that you might use it up quite soon if you apply it on your body (that’s a big surface!) once in a while…