Lovers + Friends x Because Im Addicted: California Girl

Lovers + Friends x Because Im Addicted

My favorite LA. style blogger and video host, Geri Hirsch (of Because Im Addicted fame), has cooked up a fab new collaboration with Lovers + Friends. She was involved in each step of the design process, so the capsule collection includes everything from trendy black and white business-savvy blazers to an electric blue peplum dress – a wardrobe fitting for an on-the-move fashionista like Geri. The belted silhouette with the maxi skirt is my favorite, though. This style gives the laid back California girl just a touch of structure. It’s a look brings together everything (from the tweed jacket to the raised skirt hem) to create a casual, yet sophisticated look. Best of all, as a twenty-something herself, Geri knows the importance of well-priced fashion, so her line ranges from $97 to $300. Check it out this spring at Lovers + Friends!

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