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Michael Kors Fall 2013 Collection: Only the Strong Survive

Michael Kors Fall 2013 Collection

Electrifying colors shocked and awed my senses in Michael Kors’ undeniably urban Fall collection. Black (the city girl’s perennially chic uniform) and blue were the main players here with dashes of yellow and orange to excite. They weren’t exactly neon – more saturated and substantial. Playing off this vibrancy were techno details in the leathers, which trimmed a decent number of the looks. Between that and the metal belts, the collection felt a little like futuristic city chic, even with Matrix-esque eyewear included. Peplum was a key look, too – done in leather, the style was sexy dominatrix meets Upper East Side socialite.

Since we didn’t get a lot of shapely silhouettes this week, it was nice to finally see the figure, and Kors knows the woman’s form well. What we did get more of were billowing trains. On a mini dress, you have all the drama without the formality of a gown. I can’t get enough! But for me, the furs were what were out of this world – camo mink fur and camo jacquard suits brought some edginess to the mix (the collection was inspired by the survivalist mentality during Hurricane Sandy). Michael also brought back the big fur hats that were so loved last fall, and the fur-hooded anoraks were just as amazing. How can anyone not be able to incorporate that into her life? I live in LA, and still find a need for fur!

Michael Kors Fall 2013 Collection



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  1. I watched online, I love MK but the beginning of the show was a little underwhelming. I wasn’t a fan of the Mac n’ cheese color and the peplum mullet dresses were a bit jarring but the blacks were great as always. I liked the Military menswear and the shoes were cool. I LOVE his handbags! But what do I know, I live in the middle of the woods of Wisconsin, Haha!