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Milano Fashion Week Roundup, Part 1: Prada, Gucci, and Fendi

Prada Fall/Winter 2013 Runway Looks

Are you ready for the Italians?! I am! No matter what transpires in other cities, I can always count on the Milano runways to entertain and fascinate me. The Fall 2013 collections have us off to an invigorating start.

Prada Fall/Winter 2013 Runway Looks

Prada Fall/Winter 2013 Runway Looks

So far, my favorite is Prada (viva la live stream!).  I watched the show from my desk, and it was everything I could ever hope for from Prada. Greased, matted-down hair (not unlike Miuccia’s own hairstyle of choice) laid the foundation for gorgeous and revved-up sexpot dresses, unbuttoned just so. Full, swingy skirts – the cut has never looked more alluring – and décolletage-baring bodices pay homage to vintage appeal. Better yet, they hearken back to Sophia Loren’s ‘50s heyday. But we know better than to predict straightforward glamour from Miuccia. Riffing off sweet gingham, leathers and furs look particularly rich, and it was all paired with large and structured bowler bags (because a lady of mystery needs a change of clothes with her at all times?). Wherever they’re going, these damsels are in a state of dishabille.

Gucci Fall/Winter 2013 Runway Bags

From ladies of mystique to Lady Danger, Gucci’s femme fatale isn’t subtle. When you’re decked in a severe suit of leather, boots cut up to there and gloves gleaming in the moonlight, the message is loud and clear A belted silhouette, like the one Giannini played off of throughout the collection, is ideal for showing off luxe details – and bags, in classic Gucci shapes. Highly structured top-handles come in high-glam python for a blend of super-strength and beauty.

Fendi Fall/Winter 2013 Runway Bags

When Fendi checks in come fall, you best be ready to check your good taste at the door. For once, I’m happy to do so! Tufts of slick fur, lots of which rainbow-striped, comes in every incarnation imaginable – and so do the Peek-a-Boo bags, also doused, decked, or topped with cartoonish spikes of fur. For some reason, I love all of this outlandishness, even if it is slightly tacky. Though I do have a low-grade fever, so perhaps I am out of my mind. Check back with me tomorrow.



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