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Nana Headbands and Hats: Birds of a Feather

Nana Headbands and Hats

…accessorize together! Oddly enough, male birds are the ones with the showy plumes, not females. Wouldn’t you hate to be a bird?? We human ladies get to have all the fun being the center of attention. And modesty aside, that’s just how we like it. With these Nana headpieces, all eyes will be on you. There’s a “bridal” white headband ($202) that constructs feathers into a flower (and most definitely doesn’t require a wedding to be worn), a multicolored forehead topper fit for Carnivale ($234), a pushed-back headband with yellow and turquoise plumes ($202), and the real showstopper – a Roaring Twenties-inspired, pearl-accented hat ($714) that comes in white or black (get both – who knows when you’ll have a Black Swan moment?). Sure, there are some easier, more normal pieces that you could wear out, but this is definitely a case of go big or go home. My birthday is this Saturday, and let’s just say it’s my party and I’ll wear what I want to. Available on Luisa via Roma.



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