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New York Fashion Week Beauty Trend: The Low Ponytail

New York Fashion Week Beauty Trend

Here’s the problem with models’ hair during Fashion Week – it can be very distracting. If done well, a hairstyle can help strengthen a show’s theme, but even then, designers run the risk of having the audience leave saying, “Wow, the hair was gorgeous!” Obviously, that’s not the ideal takeaway for a fashion show, which is why so many models wear pixie cuts – to ensure that the focus is on the clothes, not on their gorgeous locks. But it seems a new, more original solution has been found – the low ponytail. From the front, there is no distraction whatsoever. You may see a few wisps like at Ralph Lauren’s show, but overall, it clears up the canvas to showcase what we all came for. 3.1 Phillip Lim also successfully went for the sleek ponytail, courtesy of Fekkai. Here’s where it gets interesting, though – Milly put its models out with high-shine ponytails, only theirs were messy, which somehow made them even less attention-stealing. Suno employed the same style with the help of Keratase, but theirs was actually so frizzy that you couldn’t help but stare. Not only did it seem like nothing was done to make the hair look good – It seems like they actually tried to make it worse. And on the runway, the only thing worse than beautiful hair is bad hair.



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