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Project Fig: New Natural Skincare for Intimate Grooming

I’m a big fan of I love My Muff’s wipes because they’re super quick and easy, but below the belt maintenance goes beyond simply refreshing as anyone with ingrowns will tell you, which is where Project Fig comes in. Designed to fight the irritation that often comes with intimate grooming, Project Fig is a natural, facial skincare quality line of intimate grooming products. They make an exfoliator, shaving cream, a hair growth inhibitor, and a soothing serum. It really is the first brand I’ve seen like’s very difficult to find products made specifically for inmate grooming care, especially if you’re looking for something natural/organic to avoid irritation. I’m a waxer, but sometimes I succumb to shaving in between appointments and Fig’s shaving gel is an amazing non-foaming gel to use for that. It feels almost lotion-like because it’s moisturizing. I also love their gentle exfolitor. It’s crucial to start exfoliating 48 hours after waxing to prevent ingrowns and the soothing serum helps prevent itching right after hair removal. All of the products are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances,  SLS, and all are Ph balanced.

Check out their website where you can buy all the products individually or in sets – they guarantee you’ll be satisfied or your money back, so nothing to loose and only a well kept muff to gain!


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