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Ramy Triumph Mascara Revitalizer: Dump the Clump

Ramy Triumph Mascara Revitalizer

I’m always on the lookout for beauty tricks to lengthen my lashes. Thick eyelashes are so alluring and enviable, but you don’t want to go overboard with coat over coat of spidery mascara trying to achieve the look. Even if it doesn’t clump at first, it most certainly will throughout a busy day. Ramy has created a product specifically for this issue. The Triumph mascara revitalizer is a clear topcoat that thickens and elongates your lashes so they’re in top flirting form. Don’t mistake this for a mere clear mascara, though. The conditioning formula (made with aloe vera, no less) helps to unclump your regular mascara, making it the perfect tool to take your wilted lashes from the office to happy hour. Just slick it over your morning coat and then reapply mascara for sleek, shining lashes. This is such a genius idea – the only product of its kind out there. The revitalizer serves multiple purposes, too. Need a little something to keep your brows in place? No problem. You can even wear it alone to give your lashes a little bit of length without anyone being the wiser. Available on Amazon for $19.



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