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Scarab Jewels: The Beetles Come to America

Scarab Jewels

In Ancient Egypt, scarab jewels were all the rage. These amulets were thought to transform your body and soul, so they were especially popular as gifts and grave goods – (seems a little late to be baiting good fortune, but the Egyptians were all about the afterlife). Interestingly enough, these jewels have had a resurgence in popularity since the Middle Eastern uprisings. Even Tory Burch‘s Fall Collection was bejeweled in beetles! For an immediate fix, Perlota has a white gold scarab in the sky necklace (on Luisa via Roma for $2,971). This lucky charm supposedly makes you brave and even fertile. Designer Sophie Bennani Pendleton is all about symbolism (she has a Mars & Venus pendant out for Valentine’s Day) and travel, so the centuries-old beetle fits perfectly into her brand. For a Frugal Snob buy, go for the gold scarab pendant from Minor Obsessions (at Barneys New York for $330). Luck comes in all sizes and price ranges!

Scarab Jewels

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