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Sleep ‘n Beauty Silk Pillowcase: Beauty Sleep

Sleep ‘n Beauty Silk Pillowcase

The tagline for Sleep ‘n Beauty’s mulberry silk pillow case is “wake up young and beautiful.” If only it were that easy. The pillowcase is infused with essential oils that your skin can soak up while you sleep. Sounds like a great idea, you think. Anything anti-aging that can be done while I’m sleeping is a definite plus, but unfortunately, there are more than a few cons. First of all, the oil won’t be evenly distributed over your face unless you sleep like a spaz. What you do get will end up in your hair, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you don’t have time to wash the oil out in the morning, you’ll spend the day looking dirty, rather than “young and beautiful.”

And god forbid if the man in your life uses it and gets his hair cooties on there (boys somehow stink up pillows – you know what I’m talking about). The Sleep ‘n Beauty sounds like something luxurious, but down to the name and the pretty box the pillowcase comes in, it’s just a gimmick that doesn’t deliver. Sure, once all the oil has been soaked up, you’ll be left with a nice silk pillowcase, but that’s it and for a third of the cost, you could buy the same thing. Plus, you can’t really wash it before the oil is absorbed or you’ll wash away all the goodness, and who knows how long that could take? If nothing else just pick up a regular silk pillowcase – it will do wonders for keeping your hair untangled while you sleep (and the soft, smooth texture feels a lot better than the average cotton pillow!). Available on Amazon for $79.49.



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  1. I am SO glad you wrote this! I am such a shameless addict that I tend to buy anything that smells good. I saw this in a spa, still relaxed and under the spell of the massage, and had to be talked out of it by my husband. I stalked it on Amazon the next few days. Again, you saved me from sending yet another item to the beauty graveyard.

  2. Everyone thinks I am “crazy” for having a silk pillowcase at all, but for the last five years I have never had anything different! Silk pillowcases are great for your hair and some hair treatments. Although, I have heard ladies say that they cannot stand the “heat the pillow” holds. I have never had this problem. I think satin is the type of pillow cases some woman are talking about. I have been using the silk pillowcase for over 5 years and although on a very limited income I try and always have a extra one on hand.

  3. Wow! You’d think with all the promo they probably do at spas that they would have maybe tested the “oil thing” a bit more??

    I sometimes think some companies just slap ideas out there to see what sticks!

    Thanks for the inside info!