Tom Ford Jennifer Flap-Top Messenger Bag: New Best Friend

Tom Ford Jennifer Flap-Top Messenger Bag

Tom Ford’s messenger is Jennifer Aniston‘s favorite bag, so he named it after her! The designer started the oversized zipper trend, so don’t be caught with a bag that jumped on the bandwagon. A true snob goes for the real thing. Otherwise, just stick with regular size zipper. The bag is pretty heavy, but there are so many conveniences that make up for it like the flap with a zipper compartment and the patch pocket for your phone that’s underneath the flap. This updated version comes in suede (even the interior is rich chocolate suede), which isn’t just an aesthetic choice – it ensures that the bag won’t be slipping off your shoulder. It’s the electric cobalt that has me reeling, though – dark enough to be purple but light enough to brighten your bag collection! Pre-order at Neiman Marcus for $2,850.



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