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Tomasz Donocik x Alexander McQueen: Dragonfly Jewels

Tomasz Donocik x Alexander McQueen

Not all insects should become jewels. A prime example? The cockroach. I’m not saying there isn’t a gem out there fashioned after one, but if there is, it’s probably not selling very well. Dragonflies, on the other hand, are like pure gold. With beautiful wings and a non-bloodsucking diet, they’re pretty likable little things. London-based designer Tomasz Donocik took the intricate creature and crafted it into a ring (on Luisa via Roma $28,513) centered around a giant insect-green stone. Here’s the coolest part, though – if you’re not in the mood to let your fingers fly, the intricately decorated diamond and emerald wings can be removed, leaving you with a classic, carat-heavy bauble. With this innovative design comes a high price, though, so if you’re looking to earn your wings in Frugal-friendly way, Alexander McQueen’s ring (on Ssense for $250) will give you twice the bug for your buck (and a pair of crystal-eyed skulls to boot!).

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