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Top 5 Red Hot Shoes: Girl on Fire

Top 5 Red Hot Shoes

Sadly, Valentine’s Day is over. Now is just the right time for red-hot shoes, though. The trendy look is stilettos with ankle straps, but I’m all about making a bold statement with bright, searing boots. It’ll look like you’re walking through flames and without one moment of hesitation. After all, if you’re going to go for red, go for the kill or not at all! Because when you’re in the color, everyone will stop in their tracks to stare and you need to be ready to deliver.

Saint Laurent Triple Ankle Strap Sandal: Saint Laurent’s shoes have really stepped it up this season to towering heights and styles. With just a hint of metallic sheen, these were born to rock and roll. At Barneys New York for $1,145.

Alexander Wang Croc and Lizard-Effect Leather Sandals: Croc and lizard-effect sizzle and simmer to a boil in rich red. These shoes have a strict scorched earth policy, so watch where you strut. On NET-A-PORTER for $625.

Christian Louboutin YSA: Red leather knee-highs might have been a bit much, which is why the suede paneling is absolute perfection – it manages to tone down and excite at the same time. At Barneys New York for $1,495.

Alaïa Mirror-Embellished Suede Sandals: Alaïa’s signature petals are get the mirror treatment, so you’ll sparkle and shine as you walk down the street in your suede sandals. On NET-A-PORTER for $1,757.

Tabitha Simmons Ruby: Even with a sweet stitched bow, these ruby slippers are still fire engine red sexy. Pair with a dress that falls below the knee for a throwback ‘50s look. At Barneys New York for $1,245.



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