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Triangle Earrings: Which Price is Right?

Triangle Earrings

Okay, before you read on, let me ask you something – of these two sets of earrings, can you tell which is more expensive? Made a guess? Okay, here it is – the second! Hannah Martin’s Shaman’s earrings (on Luisa via Roma for $576) are shiny black rhodium-plated sterling silver (which basically means that it will stay polished and new for years to come). For Snobs with a more frugal budget in mind, Feliks+Adrik (on Shopbop for $52) have a pair that are plated with black nickel, so they’re not quite as shiny, but what they lack in shine, they make up for in sharper edges. It’s easy to get lost in the Bermuda Triangle of jewels – when more carats, color, and general gaudiness overtake design and become charade. But these are the triangles you want to disappear into – simple, chic cutout studs with geometric flavor.



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