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Wide, Wild Cuffs: Animal Attraction

Wide, Wild Cuffs

My New Year’s resolution was to invest in quality pieces that will last me for the long haul. I’m pleased to say that one month into 2013 and I’m still sticking to my fashion guns! Sure, this pony calfskin Céline cuff has a wild side, but a little leopard should always have a place in your closet. In spite of their heft, the wide Edges cuffs are surprisingly sleek, and the mix of a thick gold bangle with animal print gives you double the style statement. The larger the bracelet, the more sophisticated it is, so make a commitment if you’re going for this look. Check out some other cuffs that have gotten in on the animal action!

Wide, Wild Cuffs

J. Crew Wild Side Wide Bangle: This feline is Frugal Snob-friendly. Instead of all-over print, the bangle is broken up with metallic bars. I don’t normally like to cage animals, but this seems like an especially dangerous one. My instinct is to pounce on the deal! At J. Crew for $68.



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