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Versace Launches Eros


It might be obvious, but the new Versace men’s fragrance, Eros ($62), isn’t one I’d recommend a straight man go check-out. If you’re gay – and perhaps even if you’re a woman – however, it’s a nice, albeit somewhat aggressive scent….it’s inspired by a Greek God after-all! The first men’s scent that Donatella has launched in five years, it’s not the most original, but there’s something warm and comforting about it making it wonderful if you’re looking for a gift for someone you don’t really know well since it’s about as approachable as a woody/oriental fragrance can get. In fact’s it’s not even that the scent is too feminine for it to work for a man (though some might find it a bit too heavy on the vanilla), it’s more the packaging lacks well… manly-mess. That said it’s definitely luxe. The first time I picked up the bottle I couldn’t believe how heavy it was – watch out because you’ll crack your floor if you ever drop it!

Fragrance notes include mint, lemon, apple, tonka bean, vanilla, cedar wood, and oak (I didn’t get much of the lemon, apple or mint thought…this is a very woody/oriental scent – think cozy and sitting by a fireplace!).


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