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Anna Sui Sunglasses: Fun and Fancy Free

Anna Sui Sunglasses

I’ve been a devoted fan of Anna Sui since junior high, and my love for her has only grown since then. She was the first Asian American designer to make it onto the glossy pages of the magazines I was reading when I should have been doing algebra homework (although, it’s paid off, right?). Quirky, cool, and confident, Anna was everything I wanted to be when I grew up. After her contagiously energetic NYFW show, I finally had the pleasure of interviewing my pre-teen idol (dreams do come true!), and I did the whole thing wearing her sunglasses. Light and comfy, the fanciful limited edition is part of her new eyewear line that launched on V-Day! Considering all of the awesome specs we’ve seen on Anna over the years, this line couldn’t make more sense. And this is honestly the first pair of sunglasses that I haven’t needed to add nose pads to! The frames play off the brand’s signature rosebud, making it just the fun accessory you need to spice things up for the spring/summer season. Plus it reminds me of vintage Chanel, and that’s always good. Available at Anna Sui’s SoHo store at 113 Greene Street in NYC. Call 212-941-8406 for more info!



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