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Clarins Sunscreen Stick: Mom-Tested, Kid-Approved


After eight sun-soaked days in Puerto Rico, I’m a certified sunscreen expert. When it comes to kids, you’ve got to spray it on their bodies as they run past you and hold them down when applying to their face. As they sweat, surf, and swim, nothing feels worse than sunscreen running into their eyes, though, so you might meet some resistance. They may not be thinking about aging and free radicals just yet, but they definitely don’t want to walk into school on Monday with a beet-red, peeling face so just remind them of that. After trying all the supposed “child” sunscreens, I’m back to using Clarins for my son’s face. It’s an all-natural formula, so if your skin is sensitive to SPF products, you shouldn’t have a problem. Every two hours, I apply liberally all over his cheeks, neck, ears, nose, and under-eye area. The tricky part is the forehead – I only apply to the peripheral sections, rather than directly above the brow bone. Then I wait at least five minutes for the Clarins to dry before letting him back in the water (he wears goggles with SPF, so his eyelids are semi-protected). It’s when he’s surfing that I have the hardest time (I tried to schedule it before 10 a.m. or after 2 p.m.), but since he only surfs for an hour at a time it’s not so bad. This is the best solution for keeping him protected and also letting him be the kid he is! Available at Sephora for $26.



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