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Edmundo Castillo Chica Queen Wedge Sandals: Kiss of the Spiderwoman

Edmundo Castillo Chica Queen Wedge Sandals

Edmundo Castillo shoes generally require a second glance. And even a third. But my first impression of the Chica Queen wedge (if we can even really call it a wedge)? Strange and uncomfortable. You definitely wouldn’t wear this shoe when you’re out running errands, but it has my attention and that can be just as important. The design is all about cutouts – on the front and the back. The pitch looks impossible, but it’s really just the illusion of the curved heel. I would say wear this sandal to a place that requires little walking, but they’re meant to be displayed so just suck it up and take them out. Since both snakeskin and mesh have diamond designs, their juxtaposition is a deliciously deadly combination of tangled webs and hypnotizing scales. Overall, the Queen of wedges give you a lot of oomph for what is basically a black and white shoe. So boring outfits rejoice! Your time has come. Available on Shopbop for $1,050.



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